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Our company, Wxss Detailing, was established in 2022, and we have been eager to offer our education and skills to everyone in and around the Greeley, CO area since! We want your vehicle to be exceptional from every angle, and our complete car detailing service will take care of that. Tell us when! We’re pretty open to changing our schedule around, whenever possible, to accommodate every customer. We’re here for your vehicle – do you want to see it become beautiful inside and out?

Car Detailing Service

Car Detailing Service

We Want to See Gleaming Cars

We don’t like driving down the road and seeing cars neglected in one way or another – either inside or outside. We want every car we pass by to shine with cleanliness and beauty, and if we have something to do with it – that will be possible! We’re very handy with different equipment and detergents – we offer top-notch mobile auto detailing and can handle any car with any amount of dirt on it. Don’t worry about wasted time! We work just as quickly as we do with top quality!

We Believe in Being Impeccable

We’ve learned that if you believe badly enough in something – it’s bound to become true. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to make this a life lesson and know we can be the most exceptional car detailing service provider anyone has seen! It took immense training, hard work, and motivation to persevere, but we did become exceptional and can calmly offer the perfect service to all! 

Call Wxss Detailing at (970) 465-4541 and request to work with our specialized team and receive our lovely mobile auto detailing for your vehicle! Make sure your car isn’t the only filthy one on the road in Greeley, CO – that would be shameful. Especially when you have us right here – a phone call away! We want to be available to you and ensure you’re riding in a car that exceeds all the cleanliness and beauty standards on the inside and out. We have the skills and time to offer, so don’t hesitate a moment longer!

Services List

  • Car Detailing Services
  • Car Washing
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Exterior Detailing